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Monthly Archives: June 2006

eastbound transatlantic


Clever fellow that I am, I didn’t find my notebook before I left, so I will need to pick up one of those some time. We had a stunningly uneventful trip, starting at the stunningly uneventful airport in Huntington (HTS) where the check-in agents run back to do security screening (one flight at a time) […]

this is harder with a German kezboard


…but I’m safe in Dresden. More if there’s time, or maybe just a string of still here posts.

It’s everywhere you want to be


Good news: my visa for Hong Kong is supposedly in Lingnan’s hands. I’m sure I’ll be in Europe before it gets here, but I can wait.

better Brazil blogging


For those of you interested in pictures and actual insight into Rio, unfiltered by years of family visits and LSAT panic, Niki is doing a ridiculously good job (until her camera gets stolen). The linked post includes pictures of the same restaurant in the Northeast Fair as I lunched at, and she’s got some nice […]

return from Brazil


After a fairly boring trip, I’m back stateside. Got to the airport in Rio more quickly than I expected (with an excellent burned soundtrack provided by the cabbie), and got airside without any problem, which itself led to a problem: there’s nothing to do airside in Rio, unless you’re in to severely overpriced duty-free shopping. […]