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prague, berlin, amsterdam

You’re going to have to wait for those, maybe forever… I’m tired and in a very bad mood from the trip here (Amsterdam) from Berlin.

Actually, you will have to wait for a lot, since the Internet doesn’t grow on trees here.

The server was down for a bit. It happens. It will probably happen even more often when I am not keeping an eye on it. Traveling is hard and getting where I need to be and seeing what’s around is my first priority. If I ever remember to buy a notebook, it might get updated later.

Briefly: Prague was pretty, badly overtouristed, and cheatful. Berlin was very nice, great Reichstag view and nice views from the ground too. Amsterdam… well, I just got here, and I’m not all tulips as you may be able to tell. We’ll see if I can do better–I’m planning to recharge with some art today if I can help it.

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