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prague, or not, or maybe

An ongoing bit of drama has been the issue of our daytrip to Prague. Things keep working and then not working, and the same for their alternatives. The current plan is to wake up in time for a 6h15 departure on a 26€ all-in semi-guided-bus-tour tomorrow. We will see.

Pilnitz was nice but not a must-see. Woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, so that might have been a factor. Lunch was most excellent–Saurbraten, some very tender meat served with red cabbage and a sour sauce, with a Weissbier to wash it down… both extremely German I am told.

Before, stopped by the train station and reserved seats on an EC train around 10h Sunday to Berlin’s shiny new Hbh.

It should be interesting to be in Prague on game day but I think we will be out of town before the 18h kickoff v. Ghana. We should also be back in time to watch the US play (I hope they play) Italy at 21h.

The GEO grant check partially reimbursing me for the Hong Kong flight has thankfully landed in checking back home, so that will not hurt at all.

Better get a shower for the early wake up tomorrow.

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