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dresden part 2

Yesterday was a day of fairly standard sightseeing… the Church of Our Lady, the cathedral, the Saxon jewelry vault and painting collections, and the various sights of the Altstadt. Also saw the hosts’ son’s school, in GDR concrete glory. The streetcar system is nice and fairly foolproof.

Last night, after stuffing ourselves at a late lunch with food from the Müller butcher shop/deli operation across the street, we went out with Maria and Stefan to the Neustadt (more dirty and free-spirited and fun) for… Mexican food. Well, not food, because I barely dented an appetizer plate of potato wedges. It is interesting and tasty to discover that the caipirinha has made it (with real cachaca, no less) big in Germany… the place we went to had a whole page of caipi drinks on the list.

After dinner, we walked back along the tram route (quite a long haul) thanks to Alana’s navigation skills developed the last time she was here. It was nice and breezy and offered the chance to sneak onto the grounds of some grand building and catch a nice view of the city… very pleasant walk, easily the trip’s highlight for me so far.

Today we are headed for Pilnitz castle and Meissen, I believe, before another heart attack off the grill in the evening.

Ecuador is playing a heck of a world cup if you haven’t been watching. ECU/GER should be a blast.

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