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Europe 2004

The following is the first entry in my diary of my Summer 2004 Spanish Backpacking Shindig. The complete log is quite extensive and typed already in one big text file: I just need to find either time or tools to convert it into multiple posts of bloggy goodness.

I am away from my continent right now.

Well, not yet.

But this Wednesday, I set off for Paris (via Pittsburgh and Chicago,
because direct routes are not my strength) on American Airlines
with only carefully-concealed items on my person, one barely carry-on
size backpack, and one “personal item” size mini-backpack (and their
meager contents) to my name.

I’m gonna be so broke.

I’m also going to be spending precious little time in France (if
everything works out), fleeing instead to the Iberian Peninsula—home
of people who speak Basque (and some terrorists who love them),
Galician, Catalan, and millions [give or take] of different
languages… oh yeah, and Spanish and Portuguese. THAT’s why I’m
going there.

An itinerary of dubious quality, made up on the spot too recently,
is at . doesn’t have much of interest to
you other than that, but soon it will be of even less interest as
I add a journal, updated as often as I can motivate myself to at
the same time as I scam cheap internet access.

I was going to say something about time zones here, but that would
be silly—it’s unlikely I’ll be reachable by the postal service,
much less by a telephone number. Ever. That should be interesting.

I will be using a top-secret yahoo mail account I normally ignore
(so don’t try to send mail to me there while I’m in the States) in
case I can’t reach my normal set of accounts. It is… I think. I’ve never actually sent mail to it.

If you want a postcard—and I want you to want a postcard, because
I’m going to be bored senseless on trains and buses for many, many
hours—you’d best be sending your postal address for the month of
June to me by e-mail (so it’s harder to lose).

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