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Back in Hong Kong

I’m certainly not home, but it felt comforting to stride through Sheung Wan this evening.

My passport has been used through page “I”.

Nothing too eventful happened in Bangkok while I was there: however, an earthquake cut quite a few important cables off Taiwan leaving all of East Asia with serious trans-Pacific connectivity issues. Ships are, supposedly, on the way. How un-modern.

My flight wasn’t bad. A fight nearly broke out over AirAsia’s “no outside food and beverages so we can sell them to you marked up” policy, but landing wasn’t too delayed. The scenic AP1 bus between airport and ferry terminal in Macau wasn’t fun because the sky was miserable, but the weather is temperate here (not cold like Lao or burning up like Bangkok) and I don’t have a fever.

This is guaranteed to be an interesting New Year’s Day: the first time I get to pick someone up at an airport instead of begging my way to or from one. Maybe I’ll find something interesting on the Eve too… you’d think Hong Kong would have something interesting to offer for it.

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