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more food

My trial by excess of fattening food continues. Yesterday I ate at the Fluminense football (ok… soccer) club’s dinky little kilo restaurant with my soccer-obsessed great-aunt, saw the field, visited the shop, etc. In the evening I headed back out that way (near Lgo. do Machado) for a restaurant whose name I don’t precisely remember (something about Majorca, maybe?). And the food just keeps coming.

I think I’m pretty much done with massive food intake. Tonight there’s a wine-and-cheese send-off for the local US cultural attaché, which could be very boring or interesting. And tomorrow I’m out of here.

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  1. Sarah Lovell

    Howdy! Great to hear of your grand adventures and grand food intake. Becky got her acceptance packet for Hong Kong as well. It’s nice to be back in Morgantown though it’s SO weird to see people I know everywhere I go. I’m realizing how incognito the past year of my life has been. :) Best wishes from wild, wonderful West Virginia! Keep the posts coming!

    Posted on 31-May-06 at 10:07 am | Permalink

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